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Compliance Relief During COVID-19 from States and Localities

COVID-19 virus

Though the federal government is granting COVID-19 virus compliance relief, most authorizations are provided by individual states (e.g., NPDES Permits) and localities (e.g., county or city).  Therefore, questions have come up about the success of requesting compliance relief from your

The 3P’S of NPDES Permitting

View of a city on water

Whether you are a new facility that is planning on obtaining a new NPDES Permit for discharge of your wastewater or stormwater to a “waters of the U.S”, or an existing facility that is planning on renewing their existing NPDES

Do You Need A Sanitary Discharge Permit?

Water pipe in nature

You are a small business and your operations generate waters that you discharge into the same sewer that carry your domestic sanitary wastewaters from your bathrooms (from toilets, sinks, or showers).  Do you need a separate permit from the municipality

Do You Need Stormwater Permit?

Stormwater drain

Whether you own or lease a new business or an existing one, it will be good to know if you need a stormwater permit.  These five simple steps will lead you in the right direction.  Step 1 – What type