When stormwater drains away from a surface and into local streams, lakes, rivers or coastal waters, it has the potential to take with it dangerous pollutants picked up along the way. As a result, under the NPDES program, industrial facilities must submit a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan that describes specific business management processes used to reduce those pollutants.

Because every site is unique, no two Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are the same. Plus, different states have different requirements, which adds an additional layer of complexity. Each plan must address specific conditions at each site—some more detailed than others, depending on operations and state requirements—and all must be updated regularly to reflect any site changes. Failure to do so may result in significant fines from the EPA or state environmental agencies.

The process can be complex and daunting, particularly for someone without specific environmental engineering knowledge. The experts at UEG offer a quarter of a century of experience doing exactly this for facilities like yours.

We will handle the entire process for you. Specifically, we will:

  • Identify sources on or around the facility that may contribute to pollution of the stormwater
  • Evaluate your existing operations
  • Identify operational methods and detailed maintenance measures required to reduce potential pollution
  • Develop and submit the plan for NPDES approval
  • Help you implement the plan
  • Offer guidance for ongoing compliance with the plan, including training and inspections as needed

Leave the details to us. We’ve got you covered.