At UEG, we offer a trained team in groundwater contaminant remediation processes and technologies. We are well versed in in-situ chemical and bio-enhanced, groundwater pump and treat, bioventing, and thermal destruction technologies.  Based on your groundwater and/or soil contamination challenges and concerns, we will design mechanisms to remove contaminants and convert them into harmless substances for safe, clean groundwater.

We can help you with:

  • Choosing the most effective treatment technology, or a suite of technologies, based on your contaminant extent and profile, and your site goals
  • Preparing bid specifications that can be utilized by treatment vendors to develop a design and associated cost estimate package
  • Evaluating vendor design and cost estimate packages and providing guidance to you based on the clean-up requirements
  • Preparing and submitting the design package necessary for regulatory approval
  • Assisting with oversight during treatment technology installation
  • Providing operations support during operation of the treatment technology, or the suite of technologies. 

We can help.